Flossy Fabrics began as a custom fabric printing business running small batch, curated rounds of printed fabric. Flossy Fabrics is a family owned and operated business, Mel owns and operates the business day to day, with her partner Matt helping out (especially the heavy lifting!), and their three children Ava (9) and Hazel (3) and Arlo (9 months).  Ava loves to help pack parcels and choose fabric designs, while Hazel is a master at putting parcels into the tubs for the post office. Arlo is great at smiling and distracting from work!

Mel had found it hard to source fabrics to suit her style and wondered if others felt the same, so Flossy Fabrics was started in May 2019. The answer was a resounding ‘yes’ and the business soon outgrew Mel’s home, prompting the move to St John Street in December 2019.

Sewing is a family tradition for Mel, who learned to sew from her mother and Nan. Ava is continuing the tradition, recently starting to learn to sew and she loves being able to choose her own fabrics from Flossy Fabric’s collection. “…sewing is such a great hobby, it can be as simple or challenging as you like, doesn't require much to get started, and it gives you a great sense of achievement.” What really sets Flossy Fabrics apart is a sense of community - from the beginners that attend their sewing workshops through to small handmade business owners. “Our customers and followers are very active through our social media groups and support each other, share skills and tips, post their creations and inspiration.”

With an eye for upcoming trends as well as classic prints that don't go out of style, our fabric collections are curated by Mel in conjunction with Australian and international artists. Our designs are intended to grab your eye, and get you imagining what you could create.  We don't do boring, we do unique, standout prints to inspire you to create sewing projects that reflect your personality and make you smile! Nothing beats that feeling of being able to say 'I made it' (well, maybe 'I made it AND it has pockets')!