**info up to date as at 24/05/2021
Please note, individual updates on pending rounds cannot be given due to the volume of orders being processed. Please wait for the round to show 'complete' before contacting us to enquire on your order status-after checking your order history for tracking details. 
Round 28 Closed. Printing.
Round 27 Closed 9/4. Printing
Softshell Closed 7th April. Printing
Round 26 Closed 21/3. In transit to Flossy Fabrics
Round 25 Closed 6/3. In transit to Flossy Fabrics, ETA mid June
Round 24 closed 14/2. In transit to FF, expected to be unloaded from ship in Melb approx 3rd June.
  • Round 23 closed 31/12. Complete
  • Round 22 closed 16/12. Complete
  • Round 21 closed 22/11. Complete
  • Round 20 closed 31/10. Complete
  • Round 19 closed 16/10. Complete 
  • Round 18 closed 30/9. Complete
  • Round 17 closed 13/9. Complete
  • Round 16 closed 23/8. Complete
  • Round 15 closed 28/7. Complete
  • Round 14 closed 30/6. Complete 
  • Round 13 closed 14/6. Complete
  • Round 12 - closed 31/5. Complete
  • Round 11 - closed 26/4. Complete

Pre-order rounds have a turn around time of 10-12 wks, from the date the round closes. This time frame is for production and shipment to Flossy Fabrics with quality and order fulfilment processes being undertaken at Flossy Fabrics after this, which can take up to 1-2 weeks. Please note that due to current freight delays as a result of covid-19 and associated increases in freight movement, along with the significant reduction in freight capacity, we may experience delays when our fabrics are in transit to us beyond the stated time frame. Updates are provided at least weekly on the status of rounds and their transit times via this page and our Facebook group.

Part of the order processing includes generation of a shipping label through AusPost. When this is generated and linked to your order; you may receive an email update including the shipment tracking number. The tracking number will show ‘Initiated’ until your order is lodged with Auspost.